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Who we are

Soteria Ministries was founded early in 2013. After spending several years working with drug addicts, gangsters and ex-prisoners, Johann Kikillus started noticing the plight of the women and children who are families of these people. It began to become very clear that the justice system was failing many of them and the vast majority of these women and children were trapped in the cycles of abuse and addiction.

Together with several other volunteers, we began to reach out to the victims as well as the perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse.

Main objectives

We are a Christian ministry that believes that only God can truly pull an individual or family out of the cycles of abuse and addiction.

  • Advocating for social justice, educating and creating awareness of the rights and processes regarding all forms of abuse and domestic violence
  • Empower victims of abuse and other vulnerable persons through Christian discipleship
  • Assisting victims of abuse with the various processes of judicial and social systems
  • Running drug recovery groups for men and women
  • Assisting with school dropouts
  • Counselling and assisting victims and perpetrators of sexual crimes such as rape, child rape, molestation etc.
  • Running a free Early Childhood Development Centre for children living in homes with poverty, abuse or addiction

We are based in Ocean View in Cape Town, but offer assistance anywhere where we are called to. One of our main focusses is to speak at schools across the Western Cape to educate minors on issues related to sex, pregnancy, relationships, abuse and addiction. We offer this service free of charge.

Recent News

Grade R School Launched in Ocean View

The Grade R school was launched on the 4th February after it was noted that a large number of 6 year olds had not been registered into a grade R school. Seeing that it is vitally important to have a foundation for Grade 1, a decision was made to advertise in the local paper that a new grade R school was starting. It would aimed primarily at children who live in cycles of abuse, addiction and poverty.

By the 4th February, 35 children had registered. By the 23rd February, 56 children had registered and the number grows daily.

The schools objective is to provide a safe, healthy environment for the children. At the same time the two registered teachers are teaching the CAPS curriculum. We also feed the children breakfast and lunch.

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